Identity Theft

It sucks! It’s invasive, scary and maddening.

You feel helpless despite your best efforts to protect your information and keep your key passwords updated. It one of the worst surprises you can experience. It’s the feeling of vulnerability and knowing that your identity is in the hands of strangers that is so completely disconcerting.

What do they now know about you and what will they do with that information? The damage control can take years, lots of money and endless hours of time.

But this kind of cyber identity theft is not really what I’m referring to. I’m referring to spiritual identity theft.

I’m talking about your spiritual identity and who you were born to be.

If you don’t feel confident about your truth, you are a victim of identity theft.

At the exact moment of your birth you are who God most most most wanted to be!”
Mike Dooley, creator and author of
Notes from the Universe

Each of us has come to this earth and this lifetime with abilities and gifts that are uniquely ours.

It’s our soul’s desire to express and share these in the world. There is freedom and joy in living your soul’s purpose.

But the problem is many of us, me included, have been victims of identity theft.

Societal values and cultural norms sometime make it difficult to be who we are meant to be. Who tells you who you are and how you are to act in the world?

Is your identity tied up in someone else’s ideas about who you are?

  • If you think of yourself as uncreative, you are a victim of spiritual identity theft.
  • If you think of yourself as unlovable, you are a victim of spiritual identity theft.
  • If you think of yourself as not smart enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, you are a victim of spiritual identity theft.

I think the popularity of Burning Man, an annual week-long experiment in a temporary community is tied into this idea of identity theft.

It’s an art festival dedicated to the ideas of anti-consumerism and self-expression. People of all backgrounds are drawn to this so they can explore their identity in creative ways. Off come the corporate suits, the mom hats, the expectations of others and from that freedom comes a wildly creative and stimulating atmosphere.

I fondly and vividly remember a moment during my first ever retreat (this one being a meditation retreat led by the incomparable davidji) when I said out loud to no one in particular, “I feel more like myself than I ever have.” It was a week of quietude in the jungle along the shore of the Caribbean Sea near Tulum Mexico. It was a welcome respite from my hectic and demanding teaching career.

We meditated as a group, ate delicious local organic foods, and fell asleep to the sounds of the waves. I was barefoot in the sand, makeupless and relaxed. It was being around like-minded people. It was nature. It was feeling grounded and at home in my own skin. It was learning how to just be.

We all have the ability to reclaim our spiritual identity. To be at home in our own skin where we know who we are and where the good opinion of others doesn’t influence us to the same degree.

I have come to know what I need…quiet alone time, good healthy foods, time in nature no matter the season. Being connected to land through gardening and eating mindfully have become top priorities for me and my true self. I love the smell of dirt and the feel of it. I can hardly wait for spring to get here.

The problem with spiritual identity theft is it can rob us of the things that are truly important.

We’ve been led to believe that it’s about money in the bank and certificates on the wall. But I think it’s beyond time to say NO MORE. IT’S ENOUGH ALREADY.

Let’s focus on the return to loving ourselves and being grateful for recognizing all the lessons we have learned along the way during our detour away from who we are.

Those inner whispers and desires are there to remind you that it’s time to come home.

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