I was thinking lately how much I love deep conversations about interesting things.

You know, the meaning of life, aliens, the law of attraction.

I feel so good when I have taken the time to talk with someone and discover we share an interest in organic gardening, eating clean, or that we feel the need to be outside and enjoying the natural world.

It just feels good to share authentically with someone who is like-minded and passionate about making the world a better place.

When I have these conversations I know I am living my purpose.

Huh? What?

Yes!  When I make meaningful connections with people I am living my purpose.

Let me explain…

I believe that each and every one of us has come into this life for a reason. We all have a unique expression and life to live in order for our souls to learn and grow.

Many call life here “Earth School” and it’s a good perspective to have if we realize in any moment we are given the opportunity to grow or learn and the Universe is working on our behalf.

But many people go around expressing their frustration and angst about not knowing their purpose in life. “What should I be doing?” “How do I find my purpose?”  But these questions aren’t quite right.

I have learned and believe that our purpose is not about doing a thing or having a particular job, it’s about the EMOTIONS you wish to experience when you are doing something.

For over a year I was in a personal development program with a teacher named Mastin Kipp.

Mastin introduced me to the idea of “Purpose-Emotions”.

He led our group through a process where we drilled down to the two most significant emotions we each wanted to experience. Most everyone had LOVE as a primary purpose-emotion. Many got to CONNECTION, including me. Others had FREEDOM, JOY, or FULFILLMENT.  

So if my two primary purpose-emotions are LOVE and CONNECTION, then (according to M. Kipp), anytime I am doing something that I feel either or both of them, I AM LIVING MY PURPOSE!

This makes so much sense. There were many days in my classroom when I felt love and connection…with the students, with the curriculum, or with my colleagues. I was living my purpose at those times. It’s that feeling of being in alignment with who you are at your core.

It wasn’t about what I was “doing” specifically, but how what I was doing was generating those feelings.

When I left my teaching career after 23 years in the classroom, one of the biggest challenges was for me to feel connection with others.

I was working from home, creating my new business idea but really felt that lack of connection. I questioned if I had made the right decision to leave. I struggled with feelings of isolation and waves of uncertainty.

I needed a tribe (or two). I needed like-minded people. I needed to feel connection.

So I started to attend workshops put on by spiritual teachers and leaders.

I learned about meditation. I went to yoga. I began to understand that Life is happening FOR me, not TO me.

I realized I had the power to consciously become a co-creator of my life experience, and thanks to Mike Dooley and his Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer workshop in 2016, I found Tribe #1.

Then on a whim, I applied to attend Mastin Kipp’s Wealthy Healer retreat in Maui. I was invited to come and for the next 15 months, I was connected deeply to TRIBE #2.

I felt on purpose learning and connecting and loving these beautiful souls.

Then that experience ended and despite all I had learned, I again found myself in a place of loneliness and longing for those heart connections of my tribe.

But this is the major shift…I now knew I could create my own experience and generate the emotions of love and connection.

So I planned monthly Soulful Potlucks at my space. I picked the topic/speaker and people came with food to share enjoyed an evening of eating and learning….connecting and expanding.

We’ve explored crystals, mandalas, mental health, clean eating and more. I discovered I can be a catalyst that fosters exactly I want…bringing people together in love and connection. I am living my purpose when this happens.

Then a dear member of my Tribe 2 introduced me to a group called Sister Suppers.

It’s an international movement bringing women together in a circle around a delicious home cooked meal with the purpose of celebrating and empowering each other. I could not get involved fast enough.

So this month marks the 5th Sister Supper I have hosted and I am living my purpose when I plan and prepare my three-course meal for the women to enjoy.

We talk about how we can best navigate these shifting times and the fall of the patriarchy. We talk about our lives. We discover we have more in common than not. We co-create a feeling of unity, empowerment, and love. It’s pretty amazing.

The point of this blog is to encourage you to determine your purpose-emotions and then do what you need to to create your life so that you feel them often.

It takes the stress and pressure off of trying to figure out what you think you should be DOING. Instead, determine what you want to be FEELING.

If you discover for instance that one of your purpose emotions is FREEDOM and yet you find yourself in a career that is rigid and structured and inflexible, I bet you are feeling pretty miserable. So your focus needs to be finding a job that allows you freedom…freedom of choice (work from home or in the office), freedom of time (flex time, sabbaticals, vacations), freedom to give input, freedom to advance at your own pace, etc.  You will be amazed how much better you can feel with a few tweaks in how you work or operate in your world.

I feel love and connection when I’m with my two beautiful dogs. I feel love and connection when I’m playing in the gardens. I feel love and connection when I’m with like-minded people. I feel love and connection when I help another who has asked for advice. I feel love and connection when I am teaching a workshop that I have created… and the list goes on.

This weekend I will reconnect with my Infinite Possibilities tribe in Denver and I can not wait!

Perhaps this is what Joseph Campbell was referring to when he said, “Follow your Bliss

Follow your emotions and you will be on purpose, in alignment and feeling oh so amazing!

(For more information about finding your purpose emotions, check out Mastin Kipp’s book Claim Your Power)

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