“Curiosity killed the cat” warned our elders.

This figure of speech or idiom is not to be taken literally, but warns the listener that asking too many questions or being overly curious gets one into trouble.

Now what kind of message does that send?

This is a cultural message that may be deeply and subconsciously ingrained so we may not even be aware of this limiting belief that curiosity is a dangerous thing.

Curiosity is defined as a strong desire to know or learn something.

Is there a lack of curiosity holding the human race back from reaching its greatest expansion and healing?

I venture to say “Yes”…at least up until now.

Recently I held a dinner at my home and one of the guests is a gender studies teacher at a local university.

The conversation among the guests was full of questions and inquiry. I, for one, have been interested, dare I say “curious”, to know more about the new gender and sexuality labels that young people are using; pansexual,  polyamorous, and more. I genuinely want to know about transgenders and the respectful use of pronouns when I have the opportunity to talk to one of them. It was an open, non-judgmental inquiry because I am curious to learn about those that are different from me.

How would our world shift if all of us could get genuinely curious about why people believe what they do or do what they do?

We are in a time where we see a lack of tolerance for opposing views and as a result we are ramping up the hate and intolerance.

I believe curiosity is the key.

When I was a middle school teacher, one of my roles in the building was as diversity liaison and the student diversity group leader.

Our group was called “We Are United” and every year we sold sweatshirts as a fundraiser.

I had seen a quote in a Neale Donald Walsch’s  “Conversations with God” book which seemed appropriate for the back of our logowear and it was,

We are all one. Ours is not a better way, just different.”

I often wanted someone to ask me whose quote that was as it wasn’t Neale’s, but God’s.

The diversity that we have on this planet is unique and should be celebrated in every minute. The point of the quote is be less judgemental and more curious.  

Walsch’s book, “Conversations with God” was a turning point for me on my spiritual journey when I was questioning the religious teachings of my youth and was curious to find understanding and more truth about why we are here having this experience on Earth.

His words resonated deeply in my heart.

I’m currently revisiting the core messages from God that Neale Donald Walsch received during a very dark time in his life. The book is entitled “What God Said…The 25 Core Messages from The Conversations with God That Will Change Your Life and the World”. It’s a good starting place if you’re unfamiliar with his work and are now curious.

Now I will absolutely acknowledge that we have shown extreme levels of curiosity in the expanded areas of science, technology and medicine, but despite these advances we still see so much strife, unrest and dissatisfaction in the world.

Could it be that there is a need to be curious about our foundational ideas about religion? What if there is more to understand and an urgent need expand the basic ideas that were set forth by the great religious teachers in the world? What if our understanding about life is just incomplete…we don’t have the whole story?

The tools of our ancient religions have proven ineffective (to put it mildly) in creating a world of peace, harmony, sufficiency and dignity for all.” Neale Donald Walsch

We won’t have peace when religions attack and shun those that believe differently than them.

We won’t save our planet if we believe we are to have dominion over it.

We can’t be “pro-life”, yet turn a blind eye to the starvation and suffering all around us.

These contradictions should be leading us to question the religious beliefs that led us here in the first place. A lack of curiosity prevents expansion, healing and peace.

It is only when we yearn to understand our human brothers and sisters and learn about their journeys that we will get to a place of acceptance which then brings us to that very needed place of compassion.

Our world is sorely in need of more compassion and I believe we’ll get there only when we begin to get more curious.

Life loves you. Expansion and growth are always happening. There is no “right or wrong,” just learning opportunities.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Nothing can exist without God or the Universe, therefore we are all Divine.

In other words, God is not outside of us, judging and demanding things from us.

She is within us.

Therefore we are all One and connected to each other and every other sentient being on the planet.

There are so many wonderful spiritual teachers and authors who are expanding the ideas about the nature of reality and our purpose here.

One of them is Mike Dooley who wrote the book Infinite Possibilities; The Art of Living Your Dreams.

If you are curious to learn more about opening up to and working with God, aka The Universe, I’m offering a six hour Infinite Possibilities class in July and August.

Details and dates can be found at www.amyeiken.com

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