How many times have you felt like there really isn’t anyone else who understands what it is you are experiencing?

Do you feel like you’re alone in the world despite being surrounded by others? 

As an introvert, I often feel like an outsider and sometimes I feel very alone in the world. Intellectually I get that I am not alone, but emotionally and spiritually I feel hungry for deeper connections and meaningful conversations. There are times when I feel that need,  but can’t bring myself to make the effort and so Netflix or a good book are the balms of the moment. 

After a while, however, those choices simply aren’t satisfying enough so I set the intention to make plans and meet a friend for dinner or coffee. That face to face human contact and interaction is the best and something that is so good for my soul.

I know I am not the only person who experiences this so you can’t imagine my delight when I discovered Sister Suppers!

Sisterhood is said to mean “never having to be alone.  It’s creating countless memories with people who love and support you. It’s learning the true meaning of friendship.

I learned about Sister Suppers from a friend of mine who had been in my year-long mentorship program with Mastin Kipp.

She lives in Texas and would host a dinner for other women seeking friendship and support once a month. I learned there was a group of women doing this and thought what a cool idea this is! Then I learned they were looking for other hosts! 

There’s a saying about whatever it is you put out into the world will come back to you tenfold. I believe this wholeheartedly and do my best to teach others about the power of their ripple effect in life… the law of attraction and all. So here was an opportunity to do for others what I wanted…a chance to get together over good food and talk, and share, and lean in. 

So I was invited to join the group as a host in Ohio and I held my first Sister Supper in January of 2019.  I was thrilled when 4 women said “yes!” to come out in the dark and cold, two of whom were complete strangers, or as I like to say “friends who haven’t yet met.”

Because we were a small group I decided to mix it up and prepared a smaller dining table in my art studio which is full of vibrant colors. Just the ticket on a dreary January night. 

The women all arrived a bit tentative and unsure, but it was not long before they were relaxing and sharing and being delightful guests.

This was turning out better than I had expected! We laughed, ate, and connected.

I had a blast and felt such a deep sense of satisfaction about my first Sister Supper experience. 

As a Sister Supper host, I have committed to holding a dinner monthly and making it a three-course affair of healthy home-cooked goodness.

I love the planning of the menus and then the tablescapes, but most of all I love creating the sacred space for us as we gather around the table. Since January, I’ve held a dinner for twelve under the shade of the mulberry tree and hosted two sisters at the last supper, one of whom was a dear friend who flew in from VT to attend as well as a variety of others. Each is unique and memorable in many ways. 

Sister Suppers is a movement.

A movement of women all over the world who are also feeling the need for deeper connection and community with other women. It is time for us to rise together and be on the same side (the force for good side) during these tumultuous times. Sister Suppers is a starting place. It’s the place to revel in being served, getting connected to other sisters and feeling a part of the worldwide movement.

I want you to feel inspired. I want you to feel safe. I want you to feel like you belong. I believe these desires are met within the context of Sister Suppers.

You will leave feeling “Nurtured Inside and Out”. 

So much love, Amy

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