As a former middle school educator, I understand that teachers just want to teach!

But in today’s world, students are very distractible and often off task.

It’s the constant need to redirect little misbehaviors that completely exhausts educators and causes them to lose valuable instructional time that in turn increase teachers’ stress levels. 

I am passionate about building community and creating a positive culture.

Could this be the missing piece for your school?

What if the expectations for every class, every teacher was the same?

What if the support and custodial and cafeteria staff were trained so every single adult working in the school was on the same page and could help manage students?

I will train so a school’s staff will have a consistent classroom management system that recovers precious instructional time and improves a school’s climate.

The program I use consists of evidence-based, highly successful set of classroom management strategies that tens of thousands of teachers are using and have been using for over four decades.

In addition to training classroom management strategies, I also train staff how to incorporate differentiated instructional strategies into their lessons and subject areas. These techniques make learning much more motivating and engaging for students, which in turn makes it more fun for the teachers!

Check out my educational consulting website for all the details.