Events & Classes

Soulful Potlucks

These are monthly FREE gatherings with good food and like-minded friends. Bring a dish to share (serves 6-8) and then dive into the topic of the month.

Soulful Potlucks

Wednesday, March 18: 6:00 pm
Thursday, April 16: 6:00 pm

This is an open topic month. What’s on your mind?? Sustainability? Local foods? Spiritual Awakening? Meditation? Something else?  Come and join others who simply love to dive into good thought-provoking conversations.

Fill out my contact form and let me know when you plan to attend to SAVE your spot!

Sister Suppers 

I host a delicious healthy three-course dinner for women monthly with the intention of creating a community through the power of sisterhood. I facilitate the circle of women to create deeper connections and conversations so we can support, inspire and celebrate each other. Bring a friend and come to be nourished on the inside and out.

 I’m inviting you, Sister, into my home to gather with others around a delicious, healthy home-prepared meal. Great conversation, thought-provoking topics, as well as a safe space to share and connect, are all part of this fun evening. I prepare a healthy three-course meal and we’ll plan to eat outside in the garden under the shade of the ancient mulberry tree. If you have a favorite wine or other drink you are encouraged to bring it along. Sister Supper is a place for all to connect, create, collaborate and celebrate. We stand for women inspiring women, women supporting women and women igniting women. Won’t you please join me? 

Earth Day! Wednesday, April 22,   6-9 pm

Fill out my contact form and let me know you plan to attend to SAVE your spot!