I actually look forward to the months that are colder and darker.

It’s a break in the demands if yard work, vacations, and social gatherings. I relish the no guilt opportunity to snuggle under a blanket with a good book and let the wind whistle and howl outside. I mean really, I can hardly think of anything more delightful. 

I believe we are meant to use this time for renewal and regeneration after a busy summertime, but then again I have always felt the rhythms of the seasons and I find my moods and motivations run parallel to them.

So, for now, I am hibernating……or am I? 

This winter has been especially mild in Ohio. We’ve had days close to 60 degrees and I even tackled an EXTERIOR paint job just after Christmas! I discovered dandelions blooming in the fields where I walk my dogs. And most recently I saw clumps of snowdrops ready to bloom. These usually start to show themselves in March, not January and February.  

This is not normal at all. 

So like many of us, I have inner alarms sounding and a sense of urgency related to the climate crisis. And while the mild temps and moderate weather makes life a whole lot easier and safer, I do find myself longing for a good snowstorm and the normal winter weather. 

But back to my question about whether this winter finds me hibernating or incubating? 

Hibernating means a slowing down, a restorative time when there are few demands that need to be met and energy is conserved by doing less physical activity and more napping and sleeping.

That could look like me wrapped up in a blanket with a good book and a hot beverage, certainly, but I forgot to mention my notebook and colored pens that are always close by.

I failed to say that I’m often throwing off the blanket to sit up and write down my thoughts and inspirations that come as I read my book. My body may be hibernating, but my mind is always incubating. 

I love playing with ideas and writing down my “aha’s”.

I sketch pictures, maps, outlines, and mindmaps. I envision what’s coming and who will help and be a part. I focus on the feelings that these ideas and visions bring me as I pretend they have already come to be. I relish my early mornings when I incubate these musings while the dogs are still sleeping and the outside world is quiet. 

And now I am even closer to having them become a reality.

So do you want to hear what I’m giving birth to???

(Envision me jumping up and down with excitement as I tell you.)

But first a little history…

In the Spring of 2015, I left public education and gave birth to Ripple Effect, LLC,  my creative art studio.

Over the past four years, I have held workshops, taught classes about personal empowerment, sold my personal artwork and have become an Airbnb Superhost!

I have hosted Soulful Potlucks monthly and this past year I added becoming a Sister Suppers host and have put together monthly dinners for women at my home. I have immersed myself in mentorships and programs all about building a heart-centered business and diving into my personal spiritual development. 

I crave meaningful communities and having conscious conversations. And now the climate crisis is beckoning for all of us to pay attention and make some changes. I’ve always had the desire to be back on the family farm which is located near Delaware Ohio. 

SO I am announcing the birth of Ripple Effect at Sackett Farm!

While I am not yet going to be living on the farm, I am planning to be holding workshops and retreats there starting this summer. 

This farm has been in my mom’s family since the 1840s and there are 75 acres remaining of the original 300 they once had. It is my dream and intention to make this an organic farm and creative spiritual retreat and wellness center for the community. 

This spring I will be working with a business partner and we are going to be cultivating two acres of cut flowers, herbs and market vegetables. We will be selling at the Delaware Farmer’s Market and hopefully some other locations which are yet to be determined. Jason and I have completed the “Begin Farming Program” through the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association and are committed to sustainable, ecologically sound practices on these first two acres. Wait until you hear about the workshops we plan to co-teach and the products we plan to create for you!!!


So while I have been quiet on social media lately, I haven’t been idle. I’m excited to birth this baby and bring forth the goodness that we co-create with Mother Nature. It’s time to respect her, honor her and introduce her healing powers to anyone who is in need of a respite from the stresses of modern-day life.

Stay tuned for updates and details about upcoming workshops and events, volunteer opportunities, and retreats.  

There is a new FB business page Ripple Effect at Sackett Farm. 

Check it out!!

Like US. 

Follow US. 

Support US. 

XO Amy

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