I have a brother who has been diagnosed with a chronic mental health condition for over two decades now. His journey has become part of my journey.

I am an advocate for mental health awareness and love to speak to middle school and high school students by sharing a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) program called “Ending the Silence”.

Ending the Silence is a powerful presentation that educates students about mental health…the warning signs, positive coping skills, how to be a good friend and information about where to get help if they or a loved one is in trouble.

It’s a message of hope and recovery as a youth presenter shares his/her story of living with a mental health condition.

I am passionate about the need to normalize the conversation about mental illness and end the stigma.

Education is empowerment.

I am a former educator who believes strongly that mental health is more important than academics or anything else. Without good mental health, everything will be a struggle.

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