Introducing Sackett Farm

Rooted in the Past and Growing to the Future

In the spring of 2020, two acres on my family’s farm near Delaware Ohio will be removed from conventional farming practices to those that are regenerative and sustainable.

Take a deep breath and imagine feeling the sun on your face and watching the breezes roll through the rows of brightly colored flowers.

If this makes you smile, be sure to check out opportunities to connect with me on the farm. Be a volunteer? Take a workshop or mindfulness classes.

Feel better by reconnecting with the simple things in life!

We (my business partner Jason and I) will be planting and cultivating cut flowers, herbs and market vegetables.

My mission is to move toward transitioning all 70 acres into organic practices over the next couple of years in order to support the local community.

Workshops and events centered around stress-relief, creativity, and connecting with nature are planned.

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