Every month, I host what is called a Sisters Supper.

Sisters Suppers is a movement of women creating community from within their homes through the power of Sisterhood.

You may already know that I have a passion for connecting women (and men) who are on a spiritual, self-improving, creative path. My home is my studio. It’s a gorgeous place to gather, refresh, share and be creative (if I do say so myself!) I am very blessed and happy to be where I am at and I just love sharing it with others.

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I am passionate about helping you improve your life in all areas.

One of the best ways to do that is to help connect you with others on a similar journey.

I believe that together we are stronger, together we create more fun, together we generate more love and through it all, create positive changes that ripple out into our lives and the lives of all those we touch.

Each month I host a Sister Supper potluck dinner with a new topic. We all bring a dish to share and get together to share a meal and great conversations.

Sister Suppers is a place to connect, create, collaborate and celebrate. We stand for women inspiring women, women supporting women and women igniting women.

Check my Events and Classes page for upcoming dates. There will always be



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